Housing Technology Launches Transformative ‘Housing On Demand’ Streaming Platform

Housing Technology Launches Transformative ‘Housing On Demand’ Streaming Platform

A new ‘on-demand’ streaming app is being launched by Housing Technology, the UK’s leading technology information service and broadcaster for the UK housing sector. The Housing Technology On-Demand app will deliver the expertise of technology leaders from the world of housing to those working in the sector around the clock. Topics range from the future of 3D printed homes to the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) systems for managing areas as diverse as heating, home security and fire safety.

Housing Technology On Demand App

Housing Technology On Demand App

The new platform aims to emulate the success of the sector’s leading Housing Technology Executive Conference event, which for 12 years has brought housing professionals and IT vendors together to share insights and solutions that improve tenant services. CEO George Grant, co-founder of Housing Technology, sees the new On Demand service as a pivotal development, borne out of both the recent pandemic and the online approach taken for the latest executive conference.

“At our most recent two-day online event, there were over 450 housing decision makers watching over 30 presentations amounting to 20 hours of high-quality content,” he said.

“This response to the restrictions of the pandemic feeds quality content into the new On Demand service and the result is a revolutionary media platform capable of really driving progress for the most important people – the tenants and customers of housing providers. If we have made progress there, then it’s all been worthwhile.”

The Housing Technology On Demand streaming platform builds upon this ground-breaking 12th conference incorporating live reports with insights from experts. It combines live presentations, demonstrations and interviews with a professional studio team and keynote speeches.

Musician MIDGE URE, who opened this year’s conference, believes that the new On Demand streaming service will galvanise innovation in the media space for social housing noting, “It is good to see how a genuinely new development like streaming can benefit the social housing sector. If you cast your mind back to LiveAid in 1985 much of what we did then, by broadcasting across two continents, was new. And just look how far technology has come since that time in music.”

Another leading commentator also see the transition as a transformative evolution. Lord JOHN BIRD, the Big Issue founder, noted, “I’ve worked with these guys for some years and have seem them pull together a tremendous industry response, with collaboration between housing associations on one hand and the software vendors on the other. By adding this highly innovative On Demand streaming channel, that sense of innovation by collaboration is so much stronger and immediate. It means key developments will be communicated earlier and the interests of big tech and government can be held to account in an accessible online digital format.”

Launch co-presenter, national television news correspondent Emma Birchley, was impressed by George Grant’s genuine drive to innovate when it comes to the housing sector as a way of improving the lives of tenants in social housing.

“George has a vision to deliver something new for the sector with a professional team helping him make it happen,” she said.

“There is no doubt he’s determined to deliver a highly innovative new service which will offer expert insight into the latest developments in the sector on demand.”

Find out more about Housing Technology On Demand here: https://ondemand.housing-technology.com/

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